Home Security

Three choices for home security alarm options-

  • Wireless
  • Hardwired
  • Hybrid- Both wireless and hardwired

Making the right choice for a home security system that Portland residents can love can be both time consuming and confusing for a home or business owner. Many companies in the Portland and Southwest Washington area only offer one choice for the home or business owner. At Home Security Alarm Portland we offer both hardwired and wireless solutions to meet your home security needs. For over 20 years we have been installing, servicing, and monitoring.

Our preferred security system brand is Honeywell due to its reliability, flexibility, advanced technology, and most importantly longevity in the home security industry. We also work with many other brands such as DSC, GE, Napco, Moose, FBI, Caddix, 2 Gig, Bosch and other nationally known security system companies. We can work with older existing systems, or we can upgrade you to the newest version of security control and automation.  We offer affordable prices to fit every budget. Call us today for a free quote!